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The Link School Difference

What Makes Our Private Elementary School Special

At The Link School, we believe that the key to bettering Baton Rouge’s future is by empowering our children with a well-rounded education, personal confidence, and strong character building. Our mission is to give every child a chance to succeed in life and help strengthen the community around us.

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Every child can learn. succeed. thrive. flourish. be the link.

Through an immersive learning environment and individualized instruction, we aim to give our children a better understanding of the world around them. Our students will carry the strong character and educational principles they’ve learned with them forever, shaping Baton Rouge into a successful community. That is what makes our independent private school in Baton Rouge special.

A Different Kind of Education

Our curriculum goes beyond the standard subjects like math and English. We encourage our students to think critically and fully understand topics taught in the classroom. To inspire our students more, we practice immersive, project-based education.

Instead of just learning from a textbook, our students will fully experience the subject in an engaging, immersive learning environment. Whether they are learning about science while planting trees or English while preparing morning announcements, the students at The Link School will understand every aspect of the lessons they are taught.





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Individualized Learning at Our Private Elementary School

Education shouldn’t be one size fits all. Every child learns differently, and it’s our job to guide them to success. With individualized instruction, the teachers at The Link School are able to ensure each student comprehends the curriculum, giving our students the best chance at success.

Equipped with a well-rounded education from our core subjects and Changemakers curriculum, the children that attend our private elementary school in Baton Rouge will carry strong character, confidence, and experiential knowledge with them forever.

Building A Better Community
with The Link School

The Link School empowers our students to reach their full potential, so they can take on the stewardship of the community with confidence as they grow and help it flourish. By creating an equitable and inclusive learning environment, our private elementary school in Baton Rouge instills values of leadership and compassion that will help us link your family, the Baton Rouge community, and our future.

Be the link and join our community today!

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