student learning at the link school - a private elementary school in baton rouge

Linking Our Community
with Our Future

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Linking Our Community
with Our Future

A Premier Private Elementary School in Baton Rouge

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Every child can succeed. It’s our mission to help them.

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At The Link School, we help all students achieve their dreams through individualized instruction. Our immersive, project-based learning methods ensure that students absorb valuable skills they can use to navigate life, wherever it may take them.

Whether they are learning math and science through gardening and cooking or history while practicing public speaking, The Link School strives to give children the confidence and skills they need to create a better community in the future.

Envisioning A Better Future – A Different Kind of Baton Rouge Private School

Your children’s education is not something we take lightly at The Link School. After all, our children are the future of Baton Rouge. So, it’s up to us to decide what kind of future we want for our community. That’s why, from our staff to our curriculum, our private elementary school in Baton Rouge strives to change the way students learn and connect them with their community like never before.

students learning at the link school, a private school in baton rouge


As an independent school in Baton Rouge, we address children’s needs at the individual level, providing them with valuable instruction they can carry with them through every facet of their lives.


Through project-based, immersive learning, our students will be able to innovate, change, and improve the Baton Rouge community as they pave their own path to success.


It’s our goal, as one of the best private elementary schools in Baton Rouge, to have our students change the community around them with leadership, cultural competency, and innovative thinking.


At The Link School, we supplement our project-based curriculum with Changemakers to help our students understand respect, kindness, acceptance, and hope.

The Link School Mission

The Link School exists to create immersive experiences for all students to grow by linking their learning with the community, equipping them to adapt to real-world experiences, teaching them in a variety of learning styles, and inspiring them to build strong character.

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Link School Scholarships

Building a better future for our community will take all of us. That’s why, as a private school in Baton Rouge, The Link School is committed to educational equity. Our scholarship program helps families send their children to our independent school in Baton Rouge regardless of financial means.

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