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Bettering Our Community Through Education

About the Link School

The Link School is an independent elementary school in Baton Rouge that strives to enhance our community through immersive, project-based learning. Our goal is to help each and every student succeed in the classroom, as well as in life. Equipped with confidence, knowledge, and strong character, the students at the Link School will create a better future for Baton Rouge.

Our Mission

The Link School exists to create immersive experiences for all students to grow by linking their learning with the community, equipping them to adapt to real-world experiences, teaching them in a variety of learning styles, and inspiring them to build strong character.

Our Vision for Students

The Link School students will go on to change the landscape of business, problem solving, and community building. Our students will be comfortable addressing large issues due to their cross-curricular training in the classroom. They will have experience in commerce and understand how to implement new concepts and address current issues. The Link School students will show the community that all facets of education should be experienced and will change those around them through demonstrating leadership, cultural competency, and innovative thinking.

Our Values

Inclusive Environment

All learners will be presented with an equitable learning space. The Link School recognizes that this does not look the same for every learner or family. This environment will be achieved when all learners feel dignified, recognized, and welcomed.

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Immersive Learning

The Link School skillfully weaves learning into every aspect of the learner’s day. Every space is intended to be used for fully experiencing the topics being discussed within the classroom.

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Community Building

The Link School believes building relationships between families and the local community is key to advancing and empowering future generations.

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Strong Character

The Link School assists students with building the best version of themselves. Through the character-building curriculum weaved into the immersive learning environment, all students will develop strong ethical decision-making skills and compassion for the world around them.

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Get to Know Our Founders

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About Our Founders

The Link School Principal - Teran Trauernicht

Teran Trauernicht


With over 30 years of experience in education, Teran has worked with students of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, and demographics.  Her background includes working with a variety of school populations including, but not limited to: Special Education; English as a Second Language; Early Childhood; Elementary, Middle School, Private, Inner-City, and Public.  This professional experience instilled in her the belief that all children can learn regardless of exceptionalities.

“There is something incredibly magical about seeing children learn something new.  It could be learning to communicate, learning to read, learning about a different culture or simply learning that they can accomplish something they never thought they could.  This is what makes me passionate about educating all children.”

After many years within the classroom, Teran obtained her Master’s degree in Educational Administration.  Despite her time as a school leader, she continues to embrace the incredible learning that occurs in the classroom.  She is passionate about building relationships with everyone involved in the school community. She works closely with teachers, families, students and community members to ensure everyone has access to strong learning and receives the benefits of education that they deserve.  To say education is her passion would be an understatement.  

“When you partner with families and the community, the positive influence is endless. The Link School strives to do just that-link children to learning; link children to the community; link children to success!”

The Link School Head os School - Sarah Schnauder

Sarah Schnauder

Head of School

Sarah graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Public Policy Leadership. Her focus of research was education policy and how policy can directly impact a child’s experience in the classroom. After graduation, Sarah went on participate in a business management training program in a manufacturing setting. Learning the ins and outs of budgeting, financial planning, marketing, and employee management. This experience allowed Sarah the opportunity to pursue her dream of operating her own summer day camp for children in Baton Rouge, LA.

Sarah opened Kid-Possible Summer Camps in 2015 and welcomed her first campers in summer 2016. During the first summer of operation Kid-Possible welcomed 156 campers throughout the 10-week summer session. Today, Kid-Possible now impacts the lives of 1015 campers at two locations in the Baton Rouge area. During her time operating Kid-Possible, Sarah’s passion for impacting children’s lives in productive ways began to expand to developing a year-round academic program. This is where the concept for The Link School was born.

“The Link School is a culmination of all of the best attributes of the city of Baton Rouge. When thinking about the joy of Baton Rouge I think of the children that fill our city from early childhood through collegiate students. Our home is surrounded by agriculture that makes us unique, craftsmen who are passionate about their trade, entrepreneurs who are changing the landscape of business, and educators who pour their hearts into their students. This is what the Link School embodies.” 

Upon researching and studying the Baton Rouge education market, Sarah noticed that there was an opportunity for a new immersive learning school. The Link School, is created to allow all children from grades Kindergarten through Fifth grade to experience the world around them both inside and outside of the classroom.

“Seeing children learn in relaxed environments that allow their bodies and minds to grow naturally is one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. Having the opportunity to partner with families, each with their unique differences, is a challenge that I enjoy rising to.”

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