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Learning at the Link School

Project-Based Private School in Louisiana

With a project-based curriculum, students at The Link School will fully experience every aspect of the topics we teach. We firmly believe that every child can, and deserves to, learn. And, as a private school in Louisiana, our teachers individualize instruction, meeting each and every child where they are with personalized attention.

The Link School combines project-based learning and Changemakers, our character-building curriculum, to give students a well-rounded education they can carry with them forever. With a strong character, critical thinking skills, and confidence, the children at our private school in Louisiana will better Baton Rouge’s future. Our students are the link between our present and a better future.

The Curriculum at Our
Project-Based Learning School

Through immersive, project-based learning, our students are able to fully understand every assignment, no matter how difficult. These projects give our students a unique understanding of educational concepts, how they relate to their lives, and how they can better our community. Our private school in Louisiana instills the knowledge and confidence our students will need to succeed in life and better the community around us.

Check back for more information about projects our students will complete and the knowledge they’ll gain!

Schools that teach SEL curriculum have seen:


point increases
in student test scores


decrease in
conduct problems


more students improve academic
performance over non-SEL

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Our Private School in Louisiana Builds Stronger Character with Changemakers  

Developed by the Momentous Institute, Changemakers is a social and emotional (SEL) curriculum that teaches students to think of unique solutions while promoting social and emotional health. At The Link School, we utilize Changemakers to help students understand safe relationships, self-regulation, self-awareness, and understanding others.

Taught as a core subject by our private school in Louisiana, Changemakers will help students at The Link School develop essential skills to navigate life. These lessons engage children’s imaginations, empowering them to unlock their hearts and open their minds. Through Changemakers, our students will learn to respect themselves and others while building strong foundations of character that will help guide them to success for years to come. 

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